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Throughout your probationary period you should be gathering evidence to prove you are meeting the Standard for Full Registration (SFR). Flexible Route probationers should compile this information and submit it in an online profile.

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Flexible Route

Now you are a probationer teacher, this area of our site will provide you with guidance and support throughout your probationary period via the Flexible Route.

Top tip

Managing resources


Resources can come in very handy throughout your teaching career. Here are some tips on how to manage your resources, whether that be for occupying pupils who have finished the class material, lesson planning or helping colleagues.


GTCS Professional Learning Awards

The GTCS Professional Learning Awards recognise excellent teacher professionalism and professional learning throughout all stages of a teacher's career. GTCS has added a new area to its website dedicated to the awards.

Teaching Scotland

Under pressure?

The Scottish Association for Mental Health offers a range of resources to support your health and wellbeing.


Welcome Miss Shark!


Caroline Sharp from Kingsland Primary School discusses how being a probationer is similar to being a little shark!


GTCS webinar: feeling good, teaching well

Join us for a webinar addressing teacher health and wellbeing. The webinar will cover techniques that can help you to successfully manage your health and wellbeing and will be led by Claire Lavelle, Director of the Hive of Wellbeing.