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Throughout your probationary period you should be gathering evidence to prove you are meeting the Standard for Full Registration (SFR). Flexible Route probationers should compile this information and submit it in an online profile.

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Flexible Route

Now you are a probationer teacher, this area of our site will provide you with guidance and support throughout your probationary period via the Flexible Route.

Top tip

Quality not quantity


Looking back at his probationary year, Iain Purdie discovered the importance of finding balance between work and personal life.


The Scottish Learning Festival

The Scottish Learning Festival (SLF) is the only free national education event in Scotland with something on offer for everyone involved in Scottish education.

Teaching Scotland

Here come the girls

Rebecca Reid, a teacher at Kirkwall Grammar School, carried out an enquiry exploring the impact of introducing students to female role models working in STEM fields.


Hands up for pupil interaction


Paul Ross discusses how he has increased interaction with his pupils through a unique approach.


Professional Update Validation: Fife College

GTCS validation recognises Fife College for its commitment to the professional learning and development of lecturing staff.